Saturday, September 17, 2011

Roulade Torte

In this week's Advanced Cake Decorating class, we made a Roulade Torte. Roulade implies a roll of a thin sponge cake and a filling. In this case, we had a thin vanilla sponge cake with chocolate buttercream.

To build this cake, we placed a vanilla chiffon genoise layer down first and then spread a thin layer of chocolate buttercream. We then cut strips of the vanilla sponge cake and layered on chocolate buttercream. We rolled this and placed it in the center, then continued to place strips around to continue to form the roulade to the outer edge.

After completing the roulade layer, we spread a thin layer of chocolate buttercream and then placed another layer of vanilla chiffon genoise on top. We covered the entire torte in chocolate buttercream. I must say, I rebounded well from last week. With some pointers from my friend Anna who is a great cake decorator, I was finally able to do a better job on smoothing out the sides and the top of my cake. We then marked the cake into 16 slices and piped spirals on each slice.

We finished the cake by placing almonds around the bottom edge and placing a slice of marzipan covered in chocolate on each of the 16 slices. I didn't do a great job overall with making my chocolate-covered marzipan slices, and I'm generally not crazy about how large they are, but it does make for an interesting and different garnish.

Chef cut into his cake so we could see how the inside looks when sliced.

I really like the look of the inside of this cake, and I think it could have lots and lots of applications in terms of flavor combinations of cakes and buttercreams.


  1. That is so awesome! My sisters are getting way into cupcakes lately. They made some lavender cupcakes with lemon stuff in them and then frosted. And halloween time last year they made Irish Car bomb cupcakes! So your blog is definitely amazing to them! haha