Monday, January 31, 2011

Classical Petit Fours

In Friday's Petit Fours class, we worked on a variety of classical petit fours. We began by making two different base cakes which would be used for different applications. The first base cake was called Petit Fours Glaces Biscuit and it was used in three applications.

The first application was in Petit Fours Glaces, much like the Fondant Fancies I made with Gilly last week. We brushed the bottom cake layer with simple syrup, layered on buttercream, another cake layer with simple syrup, and a layer of marzipan. After having time to set up in the refrigerator, we cut these into 1 inch squares.

The second application was in Dome de Petit Fours Glaces, and again a similar process. We cut out circles of cake from one of the layers, and then piped gran marnier flavored buttercream. These were then placed in the refrigerator to set up.

The next step was to place poured fondant over the top of each petit four. We'll finish these next week so I'll show you the final results.

The third application was to make Petit Four Glaces Pyramide. For this, we cut the cake layer into strips, and then piped three lines of buttercream (chocolate, vanilla, and raspberry).

After these had time to set up, they were glazed in chocolate:

The fourth product is an Opera Cake. We started by making an almond flavored cake base, which was cut into four pieces. Opera Cakes are known for having many even layers. From the bottom up, this cake was: cake layer, coffee flavored simple syrup, chocolate ganache, cake layer, coffee flavored simple syrup, coffee buttercream, cake layer, coffee flavored simple syrup, vanilla buttercream, cake layer, simple syrup. After this had time to set up, a chocolate glaze was placed on top. This cake will be cut into diamond shaped pieces, which we'll also do next week.

I'll be sure to take lots of pictures of these finished products.

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