Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Unusual Start

Thanks to the South's battle with winter weather conditions over the past two days, the spring semester is off to an unusual start. Charleston experienced only part of the winter storm - no actual snow here - but icy conditions caused for affected roadways and closed bridges, thus altering the plans of many. On Monday morning, classes were initially canceled through 11am, which at first didn't affect me, but later, an announcement was made to cancel classes for the entire day and close the campuses completely. Therefore, I didn't have class yesterday. On a typical Monday, I would spend my day in class from 2:40pm-9:10pm, for my class called "Jams, Jellies, Chutneys, and Tarts." And because next Monday is observed for MLK, I won't actually have this class until Monday, January 24th. Crazy.

In true "school closing" fashion, I spent the day being a total bum. I had the foresight on Sunday night to borrow the first season of The Big Bang Theory from my friends Anna and Jeffrey, and needless to say, I watched entirely too many episodes in one day's time. This is one of my favorite shows, and even though I've already seen every episode, I still laughed my butt off.

I made the decision not to venture off into the world, not because I was concerned with the winter conditions, but because I was concerned of true southerners trying to drive in winter conditions. That is what's actually scary in the south - the inexperienced driver behind a wheel. I don't really think it would have been too bad, honestly, because a good part of the day could be described as a freezing drizzle. Regardless, I enjoyed a lazy day in my apartment.

Today is already off to an unusual start also. As I write this, I should be in class. But classes are canceled through 11am today. On a typical Tuesday, I would be in class from 7:30am to 2:00pm, for "Candies and Confectionaries." So I guess that means I'll be showing up at 11am for a condensed 3-hour class. I'm not complaining, however, because today's agenda item says "The History of Chocolate." Of the typical 390 minutes of class, 260 minutes were budgeted for this lecture. So I'm really fine with a shortened, condensed version of this. Seriously, my attention span is thrilled.

If all goes to plan, I'm off to main campus for my condensed Chocolate lecture, and then I'll be zipping to the downtown campus for my next class, Advanced Bakeshop, which meets from 2:40-9:10pm. Yes, if you're following, I scheduled classes for myself today from 7:30am-9:10pm. It is indeed crazy, I know. But it frees up some days later in the week which are needed for re-entering the workforce. I just hope the rest of the day goes off as planned. I need to get started, and get into some sort of routine. Let the madness begin.

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