Thursday, August 4, 2011

Desserts with Cheese

The components of this week's desserts contained cheese in some way. The first dessert was a carrot cake baked alaska. To create this dessert we cut carrot cake into circles and then placed a scoop of cream cheese ice cream on top. This was kept frozen until we were ready to pipe a ginger meringue to create the exterior. We used a brulee torch to give this the baked look, but one could also put this under a broiled to get the same effect. This was plated atop of sliced carrot, apple, and raisin salad, and garnished with crisp carrot spears which were covered in ginger simple syrup, dried, and rolled to create a nice effect.

The second dessert this week was a goat cheesecake. To create the goat cheesecake, we included home-made creme fraiche. The goat cheesecake was placed in the center of the plate. A rosemary pine nut brittle was placed on the plate. It was covered with a fig compote, and pieces of fig were placed on top and on the plate as well. A citrus honey syrup was drizzled over top, and the entire cheesecake was garnished with a sugar design.

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