Thursday, August 4, 2011

Frozen Desserts

I've again slacked off in keeping you updated of our work in Plated Desserts this summer so here's some photos and recaps of things we did a few weeks ago.

We had a week focused on frozen desserts, and the first plate was a hot chocolate ice cream cake. We layered rounds of chocolate cake with a hot chocolate gelato, which was made with ancho chillies and cayenne pepper. The entire cake was covered in a chocolate glaze and then sliced in half for serving. On the base of the plate is dulce de leche, which is a caramel sauce. We served this with a quenelle of spicy whipped cream, a tuile, and chili threads. I really liked the cake and gelato in this dessert paired with the dulce de leche.

The second dessert of this week was a margarita granita. To plate, we created a ring from sliced mango and placed of scoop of margarita granita inside. On top we placed a quenelle of avocado sorbet. This was covered with a hibiscus foam and topped with a fried piece of rice paper. The plate was decorated with dots of tequila gel and sea salt was sprinkled over top. When eating these components together, it had the overall effect of a margarita; seriously, the flavors were so intense here, I really think you could get buzzed from the dessert. I really liked the color combination of this dish.

The third dessert of frozen dessert week was a chocolate mousse lollipop. We froze chocolate mousse and used two halves to form a whole ball, which was stuck with a lollipop stick. After the necessary time to freeze, these were dipped in melted chocolate and rolled in crushed bacon and crushed banana chip dust. To plate, we first smeared and then toasted home-made marshmallow fluff and stuck the lollipop on top. The plate was drizzled with a bacon/caramel/peanut butter sauce, and crushed banana chips were sprinkled over top.

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