Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gear Up

Culinary school requires a ton of stuff, in combination of culinary equipment and uniforms as well as textbooks, notebooks and the typical school supplies. Here's a photo of some of my gear:

I will wear a uniform to class every day. My uniform includes black striped chef pants, a school embrodiered chef's jacket, a black skull cap, black work shoes, a white apron, and a nametag. I'll also use a hand towel for each class. Under certain circumstances, I will also wear a neckerchief. I think the word neckerchief is as weird as the actual item, and therefore, I am glad I don't have to wear one daily. Uniforms are required for professionalism as well as sanitation. It is inappropriate to wear jewelry and watches for reasons of sanitation. While the uniforms are an upfront cost for school, I actually look forward to a daily uniform routine; it makes for easy mornings once the copious ironing is complete.

My pastry kit was another expensive upfront cost but obviously vital. My kit includes various knives, icing tools, thermometers, and other necessary items. I am excited to use some of the tools and actually learn the real techniques for some of them.

Textbooks are textbooks. Regardless of what you're studying, they always seem super expensive. What's great now though is that I will use these books for the rest of my life, and therefore, they seem like a much better investment than "Principles of Logic."

I have everything I need to get started. Tomorrow, I have my first class in "Introduction to Cakes." I'll be actually baking on the first day of class, so be sure to check back tomorrow when I write about my first creation.

Let the culinary craziness begin!

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