Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gingerbread Houses & Dead Dough Ornaments

On Wednesday, my friend Mandy came over to help me make gingerbread houses. I had this excellent idea to make two gingerbread houses that I will transport back to PA with me so my friends Kristen and Abbie and their little ones (Hannah and Ellie) could decorate them. For Mandy and I, this was the first time we've ever attempted to bake our own gingerbread house pieces. Let's just say, we're not quite sure we have it 100% figured out.

We learned a lot, experimented a lot, and laughed a lot so it was definitely a fun experience. Mandy took these random photos of me, covered in flour and sizing up the gingerbread.

After mixing the gingerbread dough and waiting for it to chill in order to be rolled, we played with some dead dough (like in my artisan breads class) and made some dead dough ornaments.

I love the reindeer so much I made more of them today! Haha. Who knew I could be so crafty?!

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