Saturday, December 4, 2010

Brioche Dough

In Tuesday's laminated doughs class, we made brioche dough which is an enriched bread with generous amounts of eggs and butter. We learned a specific process for mixing the dough appropriately, which results in a final product that is soft and tender.

Our first application of the brioche dough was to make French Toast. We took pieces of the dough, rounded them, dipped them in egg, covered them in cinnamon and sugar, and placed them side by side by side in a loaf pan. After proofing and baking, they puffed up to be pieces of French Toast. Absolutely delicious.

Our second application was to make lattice style brioche. We did this by using a circle cutter for the bottom piece of dough. We filled it with chocolate chips and vanilla pastry cream. To make the lattice, we used a lattice tool and then placed those pieces of dough on top. After an egg wash, these were baked. This is also delicious.

Finally, we used the dough to make Brioche a Tete which is a traditional shape for brioche dough. These were made in individual pans. Before baking, some were covered in cinnamon and sugar while others were covered in garlic salt and oregano. Some we left plain to fill after baking; these were filled with nutella or raspberry marmalade and dusted with powered sugar.

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