Friday, February 4, 2011

Classical Petit Fours

In today's Petit Fours class, we finished our work on classical petit fours, which we began last week. We also made tuiles and financiers. Tuiles are a thin cookie made from chopped almonds, orange juice and orange zest. These bake thin and spread flat and are then rolled over forms into various shapes. Financiers are a piped cake made from brown butter and almond flour, baked in a mold.

This is a photo of the Petit Four Glaces, which has a layer of almond/vanilla biscuit (which is a thin sponge cake), a layer of apricot marmalade, another layer of biscuit, a layer of marzipan, a coating of poured fondant, and a piped chocolate decoration.

We plated these with the remainder of our petit fours.

The left-most row contains the Pyramide de Petit Four Glaces (almond bicuit, chocolate buttercream, vanilla buttercream, and raspberry buttercream, covered in chocolate) and tuiles. The next row contains the Petit Four Glaces. The middle row contains the opera cake (which contains from the bottom up: cake layer, coffee flavored simple syrup, chocolate ganache, cake layer, coffee flavored simple syrup, coffee buttercream, cake layer, coffee flavored simple syrup, vanilla buttercream, cake layer, simple syrup, chocolate coating). The next row contains the Dome de Petit Four Glaces (which have Gran Marnier buttercream, poured fondant, and piped chocolate striping). The last row contains the financiers and tuiles.

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