Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Molded Chocolates

I know that I am way behind on my class updates, but I have really good reasons for being behind, which I'll be blogging about soon. I'm hoping to get caught up in the next few days. So, here's a start.

In my Candies class on February 15, we had our last full day of chocolate production. The theme for the class was molded chocolates, another way of producing filled chocolates. Chef had a gigantic box full of various molds made out of PVC; we used cotton balls in each of the molds which creates static and aids in the chocolate's shine. We prepared ganache with different liquor flavorings and tempered dark, milk, and white chocolate as usual, before beginning production.

To use these molds, we piped one form of chocolate to aid in decoration; this is piped onto the bottom part of the mold but becomes the top of the actual chocolate candy. After that set, we filled the mold with a different type of chocolate, turned it over, and allowed the excess chocolate to run out; this created the shell. Once this set up, we piped in the ganache. And finally, after the ganache set, we closed the pieces by pouring chocolate over them and then scraping away the excess. After proper time to set, the chocolates release from the sides of the mold and can be removed. Here are some photos of the finished products:

This picture shows a good variety of the milk chocolates:

This picture shows my favorite shape, the one that looks like a pineapple, in dark chocolate:

And here's a picture of a few that Chef had boxed up for an event:

This production concludes our chocolate work for this part of the course. We have a practical exam next and then we move on to other confections. I need a break from chocolate; like I said previously, it's not that I don't love it, because I absolutely could be considered a choc-o-holic, but it's been six weeks of this type of production and I'm ready for some new mediums. The rest of the class is going to be really creative, so that's something fun (and challenging) to look forward to for the remainder of the course.

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