Friday, February 4, 2011


In Tuesday's Advanced Bakeshop class, we made various types of custards in different applications. The first thing we made was a standard classical cheesecake, which is a form of a baked custard.

The second thing we made was an Apple Jacks panna cotta. This was done by first toasting and steeping the Apple Jacks cereal for 45 minutes in cream and milk. After steeping, the liquid was heated with salt, sugar, and gelatin to achieve the right consistency. This was divided into serving glasses and put in the refrigerator to chill. We also caramelized Apple Jacks cereal for garnish.

We next made a white chocolate creme brulee with earl grey tea as an additional flavoring. After steeping the tea in cream, sugar, and salt, we reheated the mixture to melt the white chocolate. This was then used to temper the egg yolks with sugar. These were baked in a water bath. We froze these; next week we will finish them and I'll take a picture of the final product.

Finally, we made a Gran Marnier Souffle. This was made from freshly squeezed oranges and orange zest and Gran Marnier for flavor.

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