Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fruit Mousse Torte & Chocolate Mousse

In Tuesday's Advanced Bakeshop class, we focused on the topic of mousse; a mousse can have a variety of applications from cake fillings to cakes themselves to frozen/chilled desserts. We worked on two different applications.

The first product, which composed the majority of class time, was preparing a Fruit Mousse Torte. We began by making a biscuit joconde - almond sponge cake; the batter was spread thinly over a sheet pan and baked. Once cooled, it was cut into four pieces and layered with raspberry jam, and then cut again into 2 in x 1/2 in pieces. We next made a genoise - sponge cake - which was baked, cooled, and sliced into two rounds.

To begin assembly of the torte, we lined a 10 in cake ring with acetate and then began placing the layers of raspberry jam/joconde around the edge of the pan. We next placed a layer of genoise on the bottom, which looked like this:

We next prepared a raspberry fruit mousse which contained raspberry puree, whipped cream, sugar, egg whites, corn syrup and gelatin for structure. We placed the mousse on top of the first genoise layer, then placed down the second genoise layer and again covered it with mousse in order to level it with the top of the cake ring:

This will set up until next week, when we will unmold it and cover the top with glaze.

To prepare the chocolate mousse, we whipped cream to medium peaks, made an Italian meringue from egg whites and sugar, melted chocolate, and whipped yolks with sugar. Once the components were prepared, we folded the yolks and meringue together, then folded in the chocolate, and then folded in the whipped cream. Something was off with temperature, because the chocolate became slightly chipped during the process. It still looked pretty and tasted great, however, so we portioned the mousse into serving cups and placed them in the refrigerator to set up.

Finally, we ended class by cutting the cheesecakes from last week, which were quite delicious. The chocolate mousse and the cheesecakes were going to be served at a campus event later in the week:

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