Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sweet Potato Butter & Apple Galette

During Monday's Jams & Jellies class, we first worked on homemade apple pectin. We did this by quartering apples, including the peels and cores, and bringing them to a boil with water and lemon juice. When the apples broke down, we strained them to save the liquids. We then set up a jarring station, and followed the steps for sanitizing jars and then filling them appropriately with the homemade apple pectin. The hope is that we can use this natural pectin in future recipes.

We then made sweet potato butter, using a similar process as last week's apple butter. We first baked the sweet potatoes until they were soft, and then we pureed them. We added the necessary spices and cooked the butter until the appropriate texture and color.

Finally, we prepared a cornmeal galette dough. This is similar to any type of pie or tart dough. A galette is a free formed tart. We cut the dough into circles, spread on sweet potato butter and finally placed sliced apples on topped. These were baked and finished with an glaze made from apricot marmalade.

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