Wednesday, March 9, 2011

First Day of Marzipan

In Tuesday's Candies & Confectionaries class, we started our work on our marzipan centerpieces. After taking a quiz based on last week's lecture, we had the remainder of class time to get to work. I spent the first part of the morning making various fruits out of white marzipan. I decided I would do a fall fruit centerpiece, because apples and pears are my favorite fruits to eat. I also like that this concept could include pumpkins, so I made those as well. I also made a few figs and bunches of grapes.

I had time to cover the sides and base of my centerpiece with marzipan, and then use the spray gun to color my fruits. But that was all I had time for. During my next class, I'll finish this fruit centerpiece, by decorating the sides of the base, piping a border on the top, and then placing the fruits in the center. I'll also have to work on my animal centerpiece, so I have a lot to accomplish during the next class.

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