Sunday, March 6, 2011

Petit Fours x 2

In Tuesday's Advanced Bakeshop class, we worked on different types of petit fours, utilizing similar recipes and skills to those we've seen in my actual Petit Fours class earlier in the semester. This was a good way to reinforce some skills already learned as well as see some variations on recipes.

On the outermost edge of our platters are chocolate and vanilla rolled tuiles. We made lace tuiles previously, so this was a new application. To make these, we spread a thin layer of vanilla batter on a silpat, and then piped diagonal rows of chocolate. After these baked, we worked quickly to roll them before they hardened - it's crucial to work quickly here, but also challenging because these are smoking hot from the oven - needless to say, my thumbs are fingers were feeling the burn. Once cooled, these were dipped into chocolate.

The next product (from the left) are smores marshmallows. To make these, we made a similar marshmallow recipe as used before. After setting, we used the guitar to cut the marshmallow into squares, then we dipped them in chocolate and graham cracker crumbs,

The product in the middle is a red velvet cake bon bon. The cake was rolled together with cream cheese icing and formed into balls. Once it had a chance to set up in the cooler, we covered it in white chocolate and striped it with dark chocolate.

The final product is pate a fruit which is possibly my least favorite petit four to date, because twice now, I couldn't exactly execute the recipe. This was mango flavored and slightly overcooked, but still had a decent taste. These were also cut with the guitar and rolled in sugar.

All in all, a good working day on petit fours, and our platters were served in the dining room the next day.

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