Thursday, March 10, 2011

Recipe Testing

It's a good thing my spring break starts tomorrow, and I'll have a whole week off of school, because the past few days have really pushed me over the edge emotionally. I've spent a great deal of time over the past two weeks testing recipes to use for my practical final in my Jams and Jellies class, and I've majorly failed. From the outside, the tarts look amazing. From the inside, well, that's a whole different ball game.

I've made multiple components for two main recipes - different jellies, different jams, different tart doughs, different fillings, and different garnishes. One recipe majorly failed. The other recipe could work, but I'm just not jazzed about it. It's quite frustrating, not only to feel like I've failed in my mission, but to have spent so much time and money invested in the process. Seriously, the groceries for this experimentation weren't cheap, and I feel like I've wasted a ton of money. Not to mention that today was my last day to nail down my recipe because I have class and work all day on Friday and I am leaving for Florida on Saturday. Progress, where art thou?

The break from all of this will be good. All I can hope is that when I get back, I have a magical afternoon where this all comes together so I can turn in my concept and feel good about it. Time will be of the essence. And that makes me a little anxious.

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  1. Oh, Carol, I feel your pain. I finally ended up going with something more classic and rustic than the "wow-factor" I was trying to achieve. I don't want to have a complete breakdown when I have to replicate it in class.

    Hope you enjoyed your break!