Wednesday, March 9, 2011


In Monday's James & Jellies class, we continued working with marmalades. My group made a strawberry orange marmalade which also had some lemons. Another group made orange marmalade, as shown here:

The third group made gingered pear apricot conserve, which worked successfully this week as compared to last week. They also made a microwave jelly, which apparently is a fairly common way to make jams, jellies, etc. This was good in terms of seeing different methods.

For our tart application this week, we used mini pans to make an orange and chocolate ganache torte. My group made the chocolate tart dough, which was chilled first then blind baked. After cooling, we spread a layer of orange marmalade (without the rind) on the bottom, then spread in the chocolate ganache which was flavored with the orange marmalade. Finally, we had the chance to garnish the tarts with a mascarpone cream and candied orange peel. Here's a picture of my tarts, which were pretty tasty:

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