Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mousse Torte & Tiramisu

In Tuesday's Advanced Bakeshop class, we worked on three products. First, we finished the fruit mousse torte we froze a few weeks ago. This had raspberry mousse as the main flavor. After glazing the top, we unveiled the final product:

After finishing the mousse torte, we began work on two tiramisu applications. We first made the components for a classical tiramisu. We piped lady fingers in rows and then used the batter to pipe two circular cakes. We next made a traditional cream with mascarpone, coffee, and rum flavorings. To put the tiramisu together, we lined a cake ring with acetate and then lined the sides with the ladyfingers. We placed a circular cake on the bottom then spread the cream on top. We placed another circular cake then capped the rest with another layer of cream. These were placed in the freezer and will be completed during our next class.

We then made a modern application of tiramisu. We piped two lady fingers side by side, made mascarpone ice cream, and used a peeler to make dark chocolate shavings. We created an ice cream sandwich with these components. I devoured mine, rather than take a photo, so you'll just have to believe me that this was one delicious treat - and definitely something I'll be making in the future!


  1. Thank you for not discussing the nightmare that was Tiramisu day....

  2. The amazing deliciousness of those tiramisu ice cream sandwiches made it all worthwhile :)

  3. That looks delicious and reading about tiramisu makes my mouth water!