Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chutney & Relish Day 2

In Jams and Jellies on April 4, we worked again with chutneys, relish, pickling, and some new applications. We made mango chutney, apricot chutney, and an olive tapenade.

We also made pickled beets (of which I'm generally not a big fan):

Since everything we do in this class goes well with bread, cheese, crackers, etc, Chef thought it would be a fun application to make some of these items. In keeping with the Indian theme of chutneys, we first made lavash which is garnished with sesame seeds before baking.

We next made parmeson thyme crackers and shaped them in lots of different ways using cookie cutters and a scalloped edge pastry wheel:

And finally, Chef taught us how to make roti, which is an Indian flat bread. To do this, you roll out a piece of dough as thinly as possible. You then cook it in a pan for a few minutes on each side. You then place it right on the flame so it puffs up and get some color spots. It's absolutely delicious.

This was our last day of production in this class, and I'm a little bummed out about that. I really enjoyed this class, and learned so many new concepts and ideas. In the next two weeks, we'll be preparing items for our final practical exams. More on that to come.

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