Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tiramisu and Raspberry Passion Fruit Torte

In my Advanced Bakeshop classes on March 22 and 29, we continued our work with different types of entremets. As I mentioned previously, the tiramisu had piped lady fingers and a cream with mascarpone cheese, coffee, and rum. To finish the tiramisu, we covered the top in chocolate shavings:

We also made a Raspberry Passion Fruit Torte. Like all entremets, this product had lots of different layers and applications. The outer edge of the torte is lined with a joconde layer, which was made using red decor paste to create diagonal lines. This was placed around the edge of a cake ring lined with acetate. We then built the torte from bottom up.

The bottom layer is made from pate sucree, which is traditionally used as a tart dough. We rolled this and cut circles and it had the feel of a thick sugar cookie. We next spread a layer of raspberry jam and then placed on top a layer of raspberry sponge cake, which contained pieces of raspberry. We then spread a thick layer of white chocolate mousse. The next layer was a passion fruit gelee insert, which was made from passion fruit puree, sugar, and gelatin. Another layer of white chocolate mousse was placed next. The entire torte was finished with a top layer of raspberry gelee, which had great shine. After allowing the torte to set up in the freezer for a week, we finished it and unmolded it.

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