Sunday, April 10, 2011

Piping Project

In my Candies and Confectionaries class, we are working on our final centerpiece project. In class on March 29, we made pastillage. This includes confectioners sugar as the base, water to bloom gelatin, and cream of tartar to maintain a crisp white color. We rolled the pastillage thinly and then cut shapes from it, which we will put together in the shape of a box. This will become our base.

We also began piping the designs for the centerpiece. We have to create 8 pieces to make the center item, which has to be at least 6 inches tall by a little less than 3 inches wide. We then have to create 32 side ornament pieces, which are generally 2 inch circles.

I chose a sketch inspired by the Vera Bradley pattern "Sittin in a Tree." In order to complete my piping, I needed the full class session on 4/5 as well as another 6 hours of time on 4/7. Here's a picture of my ornaments of which I piped 40 total:

And here are two pictures of my centerpieces, of which I piped 12 total:

The hope come this Tuesday is that the pieces stay together so that I can pick them off of the sheet pan and place them on the centerpiece without breaking. Time will tell.

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