Sunday, April 10, 2011

Marzipan Project

I mentioned a few weeks ago that my Candies and Confectionaries class would focus on our marzipan projects, and we spent three full weeks doing so. The goal of the project was to create two centerpieces.

The first centerpiece was a fruit display. During the first class session, I covered the fake-cake base in marzipan and created my fruit pieces, which were apples, pears, pumpkins, figs, and grapes. I then used the spray gun to color the pieces of fruit. During the second class session, I decorated the sides of my cake base with cut out acorns and designs that looked like mini cornucopias. I then piped a border out of royal icing and assembled the fruit pieces in the display. This is what my fruit centerpiece looked like:

The second centerpiece was an animal display. We had to create 3 sets of 3 animals and then use some of those animals in a storyboard. For two of my animals, I chose to make bluebirds and black cats:

It's no secret that my favorite childhood cartoon is the Peanuts comic strip, and I continue to love all things related to Charlie Brown and his gang. So I chose to make my third animals in the likeness of Snoopy. If you're unaware, Snoopy has siblings. His brother, Spike, for example, lives in the dessert in a cactus and wears a hat. Two of his other brothers, Andy and Olaf, live together on a farm. And another brother, Marbles, plays the banjo and has spots. These brothers make appearances in the comic strip and in different episodes of the show, namely, I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown. I found an image online of the classic poker scene, and it served as inspiration for my project. Here's a copy of the image:

And here's the execution of my centerpiece:

All in all, I felt really good about my centerpieces. We spent three class sessions on these projects - which is a good 19 hours of work - in learning how to work with this product and doing so in creative and different ways. These creative things are not really my thing, overall, but I feel like my skills have grown a great deal through this project.

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