Sunday, September 26, 2010


In Thursday's afternoon bakeshop, we experimented with a variety of crackers, including dijon mustard, sun-dried tomato, whole wheat, and carta de musica. I didn't take any photos. The dijon mustard crackers had a bit of pepper kick to them so they weren't so great as a stand alone snack - they would probably go well with a salty soft cheese. The sun-dried tomato crackers were the tastiest as a stand alone snack. The whole wheat ones would also be better served with cheese or a dip or in soup. The carta de musica were made with a pasta machine to roll the dough into very thin, paperlike strips, which were oiled and sprinkled with seasonings. I love pasta machines so those were fun to make. Overall, a good learning experience on how to be able to make a cracker variety that can be used in so many different ways.

On a side note, help my blog get to 25 followers! If you're a regular reader, I'd love to know so please join the site so I can feel your love!

On another side note, it's officially fall and I am excited to start experimenting with new fall flavors, like pumpkin and maple syrup. I'll be doing a lot more "at home" baking over the next few weeks for practice. Today, I practiced my cake decorating so I hope to demonstrate some good improvement in Monday's class.

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