Sunday, September 26, 2010

Super Size Me

During Wednesday's Nutrition and Sanitation course, we watched Super Size Me, which I had not previously seen but had heard about and read about when it came out a few years ago. Needless to say, the movie further drove home the many reasons why I choose not to eat at fast food establishments as often as possible.

I haven't eaten in a McDonald's in about a year; the last time being a very late night drunken craving and a really poor choice - it wasn't at all satisfying nor did it help my drunken munchies. Before that, I probably only ate there at most once a year anyway. I am pretty confident I can avoid eating at McDonald's for the rest of my life. I haven't eaten at a Taco Bell or Burger King in probably five years, so I don't think I'll have problems keeping those streaks alive. I have recently eaten Wendy's for the salad offerings but I have avoided them in the past few weeks because I really don't think they are "that" healthy. And I can honestly say I will never eat at White Castle, Bojangles, Popeyes, Chick-Fil-A or any other burger or fried chicken offering. I feel sick just thinking about it.

I do, however, stop occassionally at Dunkin Donuts and Subway. For some reason, I don't categorize those two establishments the same way I do the ones listed above. For Dunkin Donuts, as an example, I usually only go for the coffe and an occassional bagel, muffin, or donut. It's clearly for pleasure and "health" has nothing to do with it. I frequent Subway type places when I am traveling, along interstates, because they are cheap, quick meals that I can eat while driving.

I have been conscious about trying to avoid fast food establishments for a few reasons. First, I don't think the food really ever satisfies my tastes. And I think for a few extra dollars, I could feel better supporting an independently owned restaurant for a much tastier meal. Second, I don't really like what those establishments represent, in terms of mass food production, where their supplies come from, how they've completely altered the food industry, the role of staff, and other things like that. I guess in some ways, it's similar to my anti-Walmart campaign.

The truth is, though, it has been pretty easy for me to avoid fast food. For starters, I grew up in a town without fast food, and my parents never fed it to us as kids, so it was never part of my routine. Second, I now live in a city with a thousand restaurants to choose from. There's no need for me to support any chain, with the multitude of independently owned establishments. And I'm grateful for that.

Super Size Me is an informative documentary if you're interested in that sort of stuff.

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