Sunday, September 26, 2010

Marble Rye, Focaccia, Tyrolean Cake

"I want that rye, lady! Shut up, ya old bag!" - Jerry Seinfeld, in "The Marble Rye"

In Thursday's Breads class, we learned the magic behind the making of a marble rye. We mixed two separate batches of dough per a light rye recipe, and to one batch, we added caramel color to turn the light rye into a dark rye. We used two different types of caraway seeds as well; the standard seed in the light rye and a darker seed in the dark rye. After the fermentation process, the light rye was divided and the dark rye was divided separately. To incorporate into one roll, we used rolling pins and the jelly roll method to spiral the dough. They were shaped similar to the "batards" we made previously, slashed three times, and baked. The final product was definitely tasty and looks excellent:

In addition to the marble rye, we also made a variety of focaccia during class. I made the one with tomato, basil, feta, garlic, and pepper. Another group made one with carmelized onions, blue cheese, feta cheese, and walnuts:

Here is one other photo of focaccia; again one with carmelized onions, cheese, and walnuts, but the other with yukon gold and sweet potatoes:

And finally, we made Tyrolean Chocolate Cake, which is perhaps one of my new favorite cakes of all time. It has hazelnut flour, crushed hazelnuts, and chocholate chips, which is one of my favorite combinations. Also delish.

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