Sunday, September 19, 2010


In Wednesday's Nutrition and Sanitation class, we looked at the different types of fats one can use when baking. Each group baked snickerdoodles with different types of fat. The fats used were butter, margarine, canola oil, olive oil, and another oil of which I am blanking. My group used grape seed oil as well as chick pea flour to see if this extremely healthy approach would be tasty. Call me a traditionalist, but I liked the snickerdoodles with canola oil the best. I anticipated liking the ones with butter but they didn't bake well and thus didn't taste well. My group's use of grade seed oil and chick pea flour was interesting. It wasn't the greatest thing I had ever tasted, but it wasn't that bad either. And it is a healthy alternative. I'm not sure I'd use chick pea flour much in the future, but I would definitely like to experiment more with grape seed oil. All in all, a good experiment and a good learning experience. Sadly, the cookies with more fat did taste much better but that could also be due to a lifetime of conditioning to enjoy these tastes.

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