Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lean Rolls & Nutrition Update

Yesterday in Bakeshop, we made rolls again, but this time from lean dough. We mixed our dough by hand, and I could tell from the get-go that my dough wasn't as great as I wanted it to be. Dough is funny like that sometimes. Unfortunately, I didn't have the best day manipulating my dough, but it still tasted good. Again we made rolls and tied our dough into knots and double knots - these are still things to work on in the future so I can get better at the shaping.

I got sidetracked and forgot to take photos this time, but basically they looked very similar to last week's rolls, just not as shiny, so you've already seen the product. Overall, I liked last week's recipe just a bit more so I think I will stick with that one in the future.

In Nutrition & Sanitation today, we talked about the basics of sanitation in the work place and reviewed some reading and online homework regarding sanitation. We also did a taste testing of different milk and diary products and compared fat content as an introduction to Nutrition. Next week, we'll be making snickerdoodles to look more at different fats and again do a taste testing.

I am a bit tired today and haven't been extremely motivated this afternoon about school. Yesterday was tiring getting back into a full 12-hour day of class after the extra day off due to the holiday weekend, so I had a harder than anticipated time functioning today and didn't accomplish what I wanted to during the last few hours. I never was much of a nap person, but I really needed one this afternoon, even though it didn't leave me feeling very refreshed. I'm hoping for a good night's sleep to get back on track for tomorrow.

On a side note, I am going out for pizza tonight with a woman named Gilly; she is in two of my classes. She's originally from Wales so I was instantly drawn to her and I love talking to her. Her husband is out of town this week so she was kind to invite me to dinner - she said she wants to help me try new things in Charleston. How great. We're heading to EVO, for wood-fired pizza, based on a recommendation from our Breads instructor. Already excited. If you're curious:

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