Monday, October 4, 2010

Black Forest Cherry Torte

Today's Cakes class was lightyears better than last Monday's so I am feeling way better about the start of this week. We made a Black Forest Cherry Torte today. To be classified as a Black Forest Cherry Torte, it must contain chocolate cake, chantilly cream, tart cherries, kirschwasser (cherry flavored brandy), and chocolate shavings; so, of course, we made all of these components.

The chocolate cake is a chocolate chiffon genoise. We flavored simple syrup and chantilly cream with the kirschwasser for good flavor. It is a three layer cake that includes one layer of the tart cherries and two layers of chantilly cream. The exterior is covered with chocolate shavings, and the rosettes are topped with a 1/4 slice of candied cherry.

I had a good day overall; improvement is still necessary, of course, but I feel like I took some steps in the right direction today. I sliced my cake layers pretty evenly so that was a good start. I also did a much better job icing my entire cake, which is what I've struggled the most with so far in the course. It wasn't near perfect, but it was definitely an improvement. My rosettes still need some work so that was somewhat frustrating about today, but like I said, overall a pretty decent job. And I did like the taste of this cake for sure. What can I say, I prefer chocolate cake to vanilla any day of the week.

And if you're curious, this cake originates from Germany; its German spelling is Schwarzwaelderkirschtorte. Yeah, I can't pronounce it either.


  1. "Schwarzwaelderkirschtorte"

  2. I took a cake decorating class this summer. Hardest thing I've ever done - frost a cake properly!!! This cake looks great! I know how much work it must have taken to get it looking so good!