Saturday, October 30, 2010

Croissants and Pain au Chocolate

In Thursday's laminated doughs class, we worked with the croissant dough we had made on Tuesday. We made two types of croissants, regular basic croissants and Pain au Chocolate. These two products will be reproduced in a few weeks for our midterm practical exam, so this was a good learning experience because not everything went flawlessly.

To make croissants, we cut triangles of dough and then rolled them, starting with the larger end and finishing with the small point. These were egg washed and put in the proof box to proof for quite a while. The Pain au Chocolate is made from a square piece of dough that is rolled over two bars of chocolate. These were also egg washed and put in the proof box. After enough time to raise, we egg washed both types again before baking.

I only have photos of Chef's Pain au Chocolate. We finished those with a chocolate drizzle and a bit of powdered sugar. Here's two photos, and on the second, you can really see the lamination of many, many layers.

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