Friday, October 22, 2010

Four Times Pastries

Bakeshop classes this week focuses on Laminated Doughs and Pastries also so I had four opportunities on Tuesday and Thursday to learn more and work on these types of delicious treats. I had a pretty great week doing so.

On Tuesday, in my Laminated Doughs class, we accomplished two tasks. First, we made another batch of puff pastry dough; this time, we used a table top dough sheeter to help roll out the pastry rather than just use rolling pins. This machinery is pretty awesome. We also made baklava from phyllo dough with our partner; Gilly and I chose to cut our baklava in triangle shapes, and they looked (and tasted) pretty amazing:

In Tuesday's Bakeshop class, we made croissant dough and manipulated danish dough. We learned three different ways to fold the danish dough - snails, eyeglasses, and S's. We then filled them with cherries and blueberries, and used a powdered sugar glaze:

In Thursday's Laminated Doughs class, we made palmiers and pithiviers. Palmiers are rolled puff pastry with sugar. They are a delicious buttery sugar pastry:

A pithivier is made from puff pastry dough. I cut a circle of puff pastry dough for the bottom. I then piped the filling of frangipane (which is made from almond butter), apricot marmalade, and crushed toasted almonds. Another circle of puff pastry is placed on top. I then sealed the sides, added egg wash, formed the fluted edges, and put the carvings on top using a circular disc as a guide for my paring knife. After baking, the final product looks like this:

My pithivier was a true success. Chef complimented my working approach for the product and my final result, saying it was the second best in the class, second only to his! It was such an amazing feeling to have produced a really fantastic product. Here's another photo where you can see more layer definition in the pastry:

In the afternoon, we made apple turnovers:

And, we made croissants:

I am still on a bit of a baker's high, or maybe it's just the combination of butter and sugar going to my brain!

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