Monday, October 18, 2010

New York Style

So, I am pleased to announce that I did not overwhip chantilly cream today! The fact is, I didn't whip any cream today, so there wasn't an opportunity to overwhip it. Haha. No seriously. Over the weekend, I made a cake with chantilly cream and I totally rocked the icing. I am getting better.

In class today we made a New York Style Cheesecake - that's why we didn't work with any whipped cream. It was really a fun, low-key, laid-back, stress-free day. Even with a midterm exam (which I dominated), it was a nice easy day in Cakes. I really needed that!

Here's a picture of my cheese cake:

We each had the chance to decorate the top of our cheese cakes with whatever fruit assembly we wanted.

Like I said, a pretty good day. Though we did calculate the amount of calories and fat grams in one slice of cheese cake. And basically, it's a ton. Like a whole day's worth of fat intake. It's kinda depressing to actually see the numbers. Seriously. Depressing.

But, I've never eaten a piece of cake and really cared about being healthy. So maybe it doesn't much matter. Moderation is key.


  1. What if all you ate was Cheerios the rest of the day? :)